Low Aromatic White Spirit



White spirit is made up of various liquid hydrocarbons, mainly aliphatic (paraffin) and also contain aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, xylene).

Low aromatic fuel is an unleaded petrol that has been designed to discourage people from sniffing by lowering the amount of the toxic aromatic components, which can cause intoxication.

Applications :

Low Aromatic White Spirit is used as Solvent in thinner-paint and varnish. Solvent for paint. Solvent for producing polish for shoes, floor, and furniture. Solvent for chemical industry.

Packing :

Drum, Flexi & Bulk.

Low Aromatic White Spirit

Low Aromatic White Spirit​

ItemTest MethodValue
Density/DistillationASTM D 1298/D86775 min
IBPASTM D 86140 min
10%ASTM D 86160 min
50%ASTM D 86179 Max
90%ASTM D 86194 Max
Dry PointASTM D 86210 Max
FBPASTM D 86220 Max
Residue1.5 Max
ColorASTM D 156+ 28
Flash PointASTM D 5638 min
CorrosionASTM D 1301a
SulphurASTM D 12661000 ppm Max
AromaticASTM D 131920 Max
Gum existentASTM D 3815 Max
Dr testASTM D 4952Negative

180 CST Grade​ PDF.